If you are one of those people who use different bleaches to wash clothes and bleach dishes, this
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We all use bleach to whiten clothes as well as remove stains, but what about bleaches?
Know that you should use this substance very carefully. We have different types of bleach, each of which has a specific function and composition.
We are also preparing information for you on how to use clothes bleach
How to use clothes bleach
– Disinfection) eliminates bacteria, fungi, molds, spores and some viruses (other uses of bleach:
Disinfection of water wells
Disinfection of hospital environments
Control the growth of algae and some oysters
Disinfection of pool water
Add to sewage and waste water to reduce and control unpleasant odors
Mechanism of disinfection and bleaching of bleaches:
1. The combination of water and sodium hypochlorite creates hypochlorous acid (HYPOCHLOROUS ACID), which is hydrochloric acid and
Oxygen decomposes. Oxygen is a strong oxidizer and gives disinfectant properties to bleach.
2. A part of the cell called the chromophore, which is responsible for the color of the molecule, is broken down by sodium hypochlorite.
Loses the ability to absorb visible light.
How to disinfect surfaces with Vitex: 1- First, clean the desired surface with household detergent.
2- Prepare a diluted solution of one part bleach and 4 parts water. Then wash the desired surface with the resulting solution
do. 3- Allow the desired surface to dry completely. To remove the corrosive residues of bleach, you can use the surface with
Rinse with alcohol.
How to disinfect drinking water in an emergency: Dissolve 2 drops of bleach in one liter of water. Or a liter of bleach
For every 4,000 liters of water. Note: This disinfection method should be used in case of lack of access to other disinfectants and in many conditions
Emergency to be used.
Note: Disinfection of pool water by bleach is dangerous due to the small amount of chloroform (CHLOROFORM). Symptoms
The use of bleach in disinfecting pool water, irritation and redness of the eyes and irritation of the nasal and throat mucosa.
How to dilute Vitex in washing clothes:
1- A tablespoon in a gallon of water for hand washing
2- In washing, adding a maximum of half a cup of Vitex is enough
3- or 10 ml of Vitex, one liter of water = for cleaning and washing purposes
4 or 10 ml Vitex half a liter of water = for disinfection and disinfection of surfaces and objects. Note: You must dilute the solution
Use within 24 hours.
What kind of clothes is suitable for using bleach:
1- White clothes
2- Solid color clothes (colorfast) For which category of clothes and textiles can not bleach be used?
1- White clothes but with colored collar or sleeves
2 – Clothes with several different colors
3- Textiles made of wool, silk, nylon, leather, mohair, spandex, stretch. ) Causes damage and permanent stains in them (4 –
Clothes that dye (do not have a dye color). Note: Chlorine-free bleach, which is mainly supplied in powder form, can be used for any
The type of clothing and fabric used. Even colored clothes.
Just dilute it with hot water and wash clothes with it. Finally, you need to rinse the laundry thoroughly
Uniland bleaching liquid has all the mentioned properties, so it is a suitable choice for daily use, disinfection and disinfection.
And bleach clothes.