The applications of windshield wipers are different from what you already know
Sometimes, everyday products can be useful for many other things besides their specific use. In this article,
We will share different uses of glass cleaner that you may not be aware of. Glass cleaners in the 30s
invented. Since then, it has allowed people to clean windows quickly and efficiently. However, do you know
What other uses does this product have?
This product, which is basically transparent and liquid, is available in various types and scents today. Today, glass cleaners often
They are marketed in a spray bottle to facilitate its applications, but the fact is that as stated in this section
It has other lesser known uses that may surprise you.
Cleaning jewelry
Did you know that you can use glass cleaner to make your jewelry look good? However, make sure the jewelry
You are made of materials that are not damaged by ammonia or alcohol. For example, this product is ideal for making jewelry shine.
The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you should not leave the salt glass on the jewelry for more than two minutes.
Use a toothbrush to clean. After that, rinse with a cotton ball or a towel and dry.
Due to its caustic components, salt glass can help you clean the oil to some extent.
It is difficult to make certain of the house, although there are many products on the market, but you can use glass cleaners for this purpose
Clean the sponge
Sink sponges have a short life. To give it more life, pour a few drops of salt glass on it and put it in hot water.
Wash This should be done at least a few days before the next visit to the supermarket.
Children’s toys
You can use this product to kill bacteria in your children’s toys.
Car windshield
If you can use it, clean and clean car windows, why not try it on the delicate surface of the window? Any
Whatever it is, it provides good visibility while driving safety is important.
Uniland glass cleaner with strong and effective cleaning and with alcohol, in addition to shining, also disinfects surfaces.
Which is a suitable alternative for multi-purpose use during the corona epidemic and in the absence of access to disinfectant.