Common mistakes we make when washing dishes
Dishwashing is one of the most common household chores that we must follow when doing this. This article will provide you with a few
We recognize the mistake we make when washing dishes. We all may make mistakes in washing dishes that we do with
Let us know in this practical article we will acquaint you with these mistakes.
When washing dishes, it is recommended to soak them in the sink with hot water to soften the rest of the food and with water, napkins, materials.
Wash detergent, although we think that when we clean the kitchen, the kitchen becomes free of bacteria in many
Cases are not true.
Because it’s not just sponges and sinks that are full of germs, but there are many other mistakes when washing dishes that cause
They survive and spread germs. Researcher (Charles) is a professor at the University of Arizona.
After several studies, it was concluded that 50 to 80% of all diseases are caused by contaminated food at home, and this
Diseases cause 6.5 million cases of gastrointestinal disease each year.
Tips for washing dishes by hand
Use warm water and gloves for washing.
Wash items that have come in contact with raw meat, thus preventing cross-contamination.
Use a clean, dry cloth to dry the dishes.
You can use lemon and salt to disinfect wooden meat boards.
Use gloves but do not need gloves with dishwashing liquid because we use potash and soda in dishwashing liquid
We do not, so it does not damage the skin of the hand when used and does not cause dryness.
It is important to consider all of these tips in order to prevent diseases caused by germs. In addition to caring
The health of the tableware will look brand new.